About BIPD

Bangladesh Initiative for Political Development (BIPD) starts its journey on July, 2013 as a citizens’ initiative under non government organization (NGO) framework aims to work on political development in Bangladesh.

Country’s distinguished political scientists, journalists, researchers and youth leaders are tirelessly working to grow up BIPD since its inception.
BIPD is a nonpartisan, non-communal, nonbiased organization which fixed its means of goal by research, advocating and social awareness building on issues relating political development as whole by following the constitution of Bangladesh and international charters, including United Nations.
Mission: BIPD’s intends are to work to ensure political development thus means participation of the citizen in framing overall state policy, democratization of political parties as well as ensuring strength of constitutional organizations on the bases of equality, rights, freedom and transparency.
Objectives: Our all initiatives dedicated to promote political participation of citizens’, including women, youths and indigenous minority, equal opportunity of all regardless race, religion, caste and color, orienting political parties to people and strengthening constitutional body. In addition, BIPD fosters democracy, good governance, accountability, political harmony, pluralism and national integration.
Values: BIPD values the traditions, customs and culture exercising in Bangladesh, which achieved by Independence by sacrificing scores of lives in 1971. The social and religious values, history of the land and its people, ethics and morality, and spirit of the Liberation War are regarded as the core inspirations of BIPD.